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Cokin H220 Black and White Filter Kit

Cokin H220 Black and White Filter Kit

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  • Cokin H220A
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Contains Cokin P Series filter holder, plus #001, #003 and #004 filters.

#001 Yellow Filter

  • Commonly used for a noticeable increase in contrast with black and white films. Especially useful for clear contrast between blue sky with clouds and foreground. It is also suitable for landscapes and nature scenes.

    #003 Red Filter

  • This red filter is ideal for strong contrast improvement since it absorbs green and blue completely and enhances red. Clouds are dramatically improved almost to the mood of a thunderstorm. It is more effective in cutting through haze, and moonlight effects are easily accomplished. It is also suited for infrared photography.

    #004 Green Filter

  • This filter is ideal for scenes where it is important to differentiate the green tonal values in black and white photography. The application is especially suited to landscape photography because it enhances the light green color of the leaves. Due to its favorable effect on red tones, it is also suitable for portraits.

    NOTE: This kit does not contain a Cokin adapter ring.


Cokin H220 Black and White Filter Kit: Includes P Series Filter Holder, Yellow Filter (P001), Red Filter (P003) and Green Filter (P004)

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