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B+W 1.8 ND MRC 106M 64x - Chính hãng

B+W 1.8 ND MRC 106M 64x - Chính hãng

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B+W MRC Neutral Density (ND) 1.8 106M Filter


Filter Size: 46mm


Made In Germany


Note: Above pictures  are just for reference. The real filter size pls check the title!!!




This  B+W Neutral Density Filter reduces the light by six f-stops.  With this filter and without changing the f-stop, a shutter  speed of 1/60 s is changed to a full second, thus requiring the  use of a tripod. Flowing water is rendered as flowing in the  photo, and people moving in streets are dissolved in unsharpness  or become invisible.


Because of its higher transmission in the red beyond 660 nm,  this filter brings a slightly warm tone to color photographs. If  this effect is undesirable, a B+W UV-/IR-Blocking Filter 486 in  front of the neutral density filter (not behind it) remedies  that situation. The filter factor is 64x.


This filter is  made in Germany using high quality Schneider optical glass held in  place by heavy duty brass rings, these filters are the epitome of quality;  It is useful for the observation  and documentation of industrial processes with extreme brightness, such as  steel furnaces, incinerators, glowing filaments in halogen- and other bulbs;  It prevents strong flare and brings out interesting details.


Especially,  it is appropriate for use on video cameras when the lens cannot be stopped down  sufficiently  in great brightness or when a deliberately low depth of field is desired!


MRC Coating (Multi-Resistant  Coating)


It  can minimize reflection at the filter surfaces which reduces  flare and ghosting. 


It is not  only an extraordinarily effective multiple layer coating, it is  also harder than glass, so that it protects filters from  scratches *for instance when cleaning the filters), and it is  also water and dirt repellent, thus facilitating filter  maintenance.


Newly-improved F-Pro mount

1. Maintain the excellent  quality of materials, fabrication, and high mechanical  stability;

2. Become thinner, so that  now it can also be used on many wide-angle lenses without the  danger of vignetting. 

3. Modified retaining ring,  which is no longer threaded in from the front, but holds the  filter glass in place from the back.  This prevents the  retaining ring from being accidentally loosened during the  removal of an additional filter or a lens hood that has been  screwed in too tightly.


They have no effect on color balance. They have four main uses:

1) To  enable slow shutter speeds to be used, especially with high  speed films, to record movement in subjects such as waterfalls,  clouds, or cars.

2) To  decrease depth of field by allowing wider apertures to be used,  which helps separate subjects from their background.

3) To  decrease the effective ISO of high speed film (above ISO 400)  and allow it to be used outdoors in bright situations.

4) To  allow cine and video cameras (which have fixed shutter speeds)  to film subjects such as snow, sand or other bright scenes,which  could cause overexposure. These filters are available in  increments from one stop to twenty stops exposure reduction.



Neutral Density Filter Number

Filter Factor

f-stop Reduction

































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